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As a business owner for many, many years, I decided to venture into the retail market because of my passion for sneakers.

My love of sneakers started when I was in junior high. I always wanted to be the first to have the high-end fashion especially the gym shoes we called them back then. Unfortunately, we did wear them in gym class though SMH. Today, these brands and items we use to wear in the 90s my age (no no no) are now considered vintage such as Guess my favorite, Nike, Troop, Diadora, British Knights, Coca Cola, Gucci and much more.

For several years, we investigated getting a small store contract with one of the largest athletic shoe company in the world, but I knew we would not even be considered. So, in 2021, we still decided to open a store with new skateboards, exclusive sneaker resell (deadstock and used) and high-end apparel for skateboarders and customers who love heat or what my son calls it the DRIP. Our official opening day was April 3, 2021 our inventory consisted of less than 120 pairs of kicks and 75 boards but over $40,000 in exclusive Supreme, Travis, Essentials, and much, much more higher end well sought-after merchandise.

We want to thank all our customers, friends and family for supporting the new store and we hope that we can serve all of your exclusive boards and kicks needs.


Better known as: Bloody Manzzz, 19 Years old. Skating for more than 8 years

Favorite Shoe: Timberland

Favorite Streetwear: Supreme

Favorite Deck Style: Drop Down/Through

Long Board


Better known as: JMoney, 19 Years old. Skating for more then 9 years

Favorite Shoe: Jordan

Favorite Streetwear: Likes it all

Favorite Deck Style: Traditional Skate Board

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